Vol 2, No 3 (2008)

New challenges in digital communications.

Proceedings of the conference "New challenges in digital communications", May 2008, University of Vlora, Albania.

Table of Contents

Algebraic aspects of digital communications Abstract PDF
T. Shaska, M. Qarri 141-144
The combinatorics of degenerate covers and an application for general curves of genus 3. Abstract PDF
K. Magaard, H. Volklein, G. Wiesend 145-158
Clifford-Weil groups of quotient representations. Abstract PDF
A. Gunther, G. Nebe, E. M Rains 159-169
CT Burst Error Weight Enumerator of Array Codes Abstract PDF
Irfan Siap 171-178
On identification for sources extended to model with lies Abstract PDF
Zlatko Varbanov 179-184
Clifford-Weil groups for finite group rings, some examples. Abstract PDF
A. Gunther, G. Nebe 185-198
Determining equations of families of cyclic curves Abstract PDF
R. Sanjeewa, T. Shaska 199-213
A new encryption and signing algorithm Abstract PDF
Urszula Romañczuk 215-220
Construction of linear codes having prescribed primal-dual minimum distance with applications in cryptography Abstract PDF
A. Kohnert 221-227
On some properties of graph based public keys Abstract PDF
Aneta Wroblewska 229-234
Sierpinski gasket-based graphs in coding thory Abstract PDF
M. Kotorowicz 235-239
Degree Even Coverings of Elliptic Curves by Genus 2 Curves Abstract PDF
N. Pjero, M. Ramosaco, T. Shaska 241-248
On some applications of graphs to cryptography and turbocoding Abstract PDF
V. Ustimenko, T. Shaska 249-255
Quantum channels with continuous input alphabet Abstract PDF
Georges Parfionov, Roman Zapatrin 257-263

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