Vol 4, No 4 (2010)

December 2010, Special Issue, Applications of Computer Algebra 2010

Special Issue, Applications of Computer Algebra 2010, University of Vlora, Albania.  

Table of Contents

Applications of Computer Algebra, ACA 2010 Abstract PDF
T. Shaska, L. Beshaj, A. Duka, V. Hoxha 101-103
Creating Variational Integrators with a Computer Algebra System Abstract PDF
Christian Hellström 105- 122
Verification Methods and Symbolic Computations Abstract PDF
Walter Kraemer 123- 133
Schubert cells in Lie geometries and key exchange via symbolic computations Abstract PDF
Vasyl Alex Ustimenko 135- 145
Singular locus on the space of genus two curves with split Jacobians Abstract PDF
Lubjana Beshaj 147- 160
On the key exchange with nonlinear polynomial maps of degree 4 Abstract PDF
Aneta Wroblewska, Vasyl Ustimenko 161-170
A parallel algorithm for analytical solving of partial differential equations systems Abstract PDF
Natalia Aleksandrovna Malashonok 171-179
Conversion between Hermite and Popov normal forms using an FGLM-like approach Abstract PDF
Johannes Middeke 181-193
Relations between Heun equations and Painleve equations Abstract PDF
Alexander Yakov Kazakov, Sergey Yu. Slavyanov, Filip R. Vukalovic 195-201
On the key exchange with matrices of large order and graph based nonlinear maps Abstract PDF
Urszula Romañczuk, Vasyl Ustimenko 203-211
Some computation problems arising in Fontaine Theory Abstract PDF
Benjamin Justus, Radu Gaba 213-221
Improving the teaching of mathematics to students of science and engineering Abstract PDF
J F Ogilvie, M B Monagan 223-230

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